Global Forgiveness Day


The Day to Forgive,

the Day to be Forgiven!

Saviour's Day?  Before Him...


Saviour's Day? When was the last time you told someone your story, your testimony of how you became a born again Christian...what your life was like before Him?

That’s what Saviour’s Day is all about. It’s celebrated just one day a year (1st Sunday in May) but hopefully it’s something we do much more often than that! Saviour’s Day is not just a time to share the Gospel…it’s a time to share your story.  When you tell someone about your life before Christ, how you lived and how He found you, the circumstances that brought you to accept His love and forgiveness, we are blessed and encouraged!

Everyone has a story. We’d love to hear how your relationship with the Lord began. To add your testimony please E-MAIL it to us.  


"And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony..."  Rev 12:11 ESV

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Mudhu A...Testimony for Saviour's Day

My testimony about Jesus since its been 7 years complete now

As a child I worshipped Sai baba, Ganapati all other idols but never Jesus.

When I met Christians during my college days, they helped me realise Jesus is the way towards eternal life.

After college, when I attened fellowships I realised how bad a sinner I am.All my sins frm my childhood came to my mind.

Bible tells us we all human beings r sinner. No one is sinless.

So before lambs were sacrificed for the forgiveness of sins, but finally Jesus came down on earth as a man , died onces and for all for our sins, and rose again on d 3rd day. Jesus is still a risen living God.

I left believing in idols, I put my faith in Jesus in October, 2007. Frm der I never turned back to idols for helping me lead this life. I seek help only frm my heavenly Father thru Jesus.

Remember people, nothing in this world is more important than our salvation.What is d point if we bcom the richest people on earth but r still unrepentant sinners???

So, fear nobody but our heavenly Father alone, live a righteous life pleasing Him.


Before coming to know...

Before coming to know Jesus as my Savior I was caught in our family’s “sins to the 4th generation” of alcohol and sex out of marriage. How thankful I am that God scheduled a business trip for me to Los Angeles, CA for a weekend in October of 1988. It started out in sin and ended in salvation in my motel room on October 16, 1988. It short weekend of partying and Knott’s Berry Farm then came Sunday. God opened my eyes to the reality of my life style and I did not like it all of a sudden. Satan made a attempts to keep me from Jesus but was unsuccessful. I decided to turn the radio on in my motel room and the first words I heard were, “Sister, there is nothing that He won’t forgive you for!!” I got on my knees and laid my life at God’s feet. The old fell away and I was made new.



Walking with God...

I have been walking with God 14 years I have faced much rejected because I have non verbal learning. I came out of a broken home. 
I spend 16 yeara without friends, or family, I wasn't accept in Sunday school or youth group or church in fact no where in Alberta was i accept. I got screwed in my education gaps from grade 3 to grade 12. I couldn't reed or write till 11 years old. But Jesus has always been hear. I began to love myself in Victoria BC when I was 7 years old, I gave my life to God in Powell River BC. I have learned to worship God by listening to praise fm.  I listen to it everywhere thanks to the tunein app on my smartphone.

I got Baptized April 27 2014, hears my speech..

 I’ve chosen to take this step of Baptism because I love my heavenly Father and he loves me. Romans 12:2 has been at cent of my relationship with Jesus, by transforming my thoughts, every aspect of my life has changed. Romans 12:2 said: "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will". Most people have been practicing their assimilation into society all their life, from childhood through their teenage years right into adulthood. I did not receive any of this guidance growing up. And  I struggled with the Moral and Doctrinal issues; Moral meaning I did not know how I ought to behave and Doctrinal I was unsure what I believed. I end up going through life believing things about myself that where not true and I operate out of this false sense of myself. As a conquest I began to live being motivated by fear and insecurity.  I was very careful, to watch how I percent myself, to make sure I was accepted and not rejected. I end up misleading people into believing thing about me, that were not true. I adopted this behavior because it was what I taught and the lie became the person I project. When where all using one another and manipulating one another, trying to impress each others, then the question becomes where is the real You? Jesus began to speak truth from the bible, right into the face of the lies. You might not feel like you our a lavishly loved person, but life is not based of emotions. Your not just some kind of cosmological accident, you fit in in Jesus plans. You don’t need to put your love in someone or something else. You our a person of great worth and potential and You our a work in progress. 




The Lord called me...

The Lord called me 9 years ago. Before that I was a drug dealer supplying killos of cocaine. I drove fancy cars, and fast cars. Some of my friends were getting shot, and murdered. I was extorted from one of my friends who threatened to kill me. It was a very dangerous and dark life style I had once lived. One day I was driving to Calgary with 7 killos of cocaine. I was lonley, depressed, and missing something in my life. As I was driving down the hwy I could see the stars on a clear summer night. I thought to myself that a creator must of design this. If He design these stars then He must of designed me. I then felt that I was created for something bigger then this life I was living. So I spoke out loud and said God if you are reall then you can hear me! Make me happy and I will give up this life. A few months later I had an encounter with Jesus where He spoke to me in my room in a audible voice. I fell to my knees knowing I was a sinner and repented. I gave everything away, cars, furniture, and money. I was set free. God has given me a ministry in S.A where I do open air preaching and leading many people to Christ. My website:


My name is James...

My name is James,and I am a believer in Christ Jesus. He calls to those who are lost in the storms of life. I have been a sex and porn addict for many years, now I choose to be set free in Jesus. He called me from the storm, and brought peace to my heart. Praise His name.. God bless all!