Global Forgiveness Day


The Day to Forgive,

the Day to be Forgiven!

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The Lord called me...

The Lord called me 9 years ago. Before that I was a drug dealer supplying killos of cocaine. I drove fancy cars, and fast cars. Some of my friends were getting shot, and murdered. I was extorted from one of my friends who threatened to kill me. It was a very dangerous and dark life style I had once lived. One day I was driving to Calgary with 7 killos of cocaine. I was lonley, depressed, and missing something in my life. As I was driving down the hwy I could see the stars on a clear summer night. I thought to myself that a creator must of design this. If He design these stars then He must of designed me. I then felt that I was created for something bigger then this life I was living. So I spoke out loud and said God if you are reall then you can hear me! Make me happy and I will give up this life. A few months later I had an encounter with Jesus where He spoke to me in my room in a audible voice. I fell to my knees knowing I was a sinner and repented. I gave everything away, cars, furniture, and money. I was set free. God has given me a ministry in S.A where I do open air preaching and leading many people to Christ. My website: