Global Forgiveness Day


The Day to Forgive,

the Day to be Forgiven!

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Mudhu A...Testimony for Saviour's Day

My testimony about Jesus since its been 7 years complete now

As a child I worshipped Sai baba, Ganapati all other idols but never Jesus.

When I met Christians during my college days, they helped me realise Jesus is the way towards eternal life.

After college, when I attened fellowships I realised how bad a sinner I am.All my sins frm my childhood came to my mind.

Bible tells us we all human beings r sinner. No one is sinless.

So before lambs were sacrificed for the forgiveness of sins, but finally Jesus came down on earth as a man , died onces and for all for our sins, and rose again on d 3rd day. Jesus is still a risen living God.

I left believing in idols, I put my faith in Jesus in October, 2007. Frm der I never turned back to idols for helping me lead this life. I seek help only frm my heavenly Father thru Jesus.

Remember people, nothing in this world is more important than our salvation.What is d point if we bcom the richest people on earth but r still unrepentant sinners???

So, fear nobody but our heavenly Father alone, live a righteous life pleasing Him.