Global Forgiveness Day


The Day to Forgive,

the Day to be Forgiven!

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Walking with God...

I have been walking with God 14 years I have faced much rejected because I have non verbal learning. I came out of a broken home. 
I spend 16 yeara without friends, or family, I wasn't accept in Sunday school or youth group or church in fact no where in Alberta was i accept. I got screwed in my education gaps from grade 3 to grade 12. I couldn't reed or write till 11 years old. But Jesus has always been hear. I began to love myself in Victoria BC when I was 7 years old, I gave my life to God in Powell River BC. I have learned to worship God by listening to praise fm.  I listen to it everywhere thanks to the tunein app on my smartphone.

I got Baptized April 27 2014, hears my speech..

 I’ve chosen to take this step of Baptism because I love my heavenly Father and he loves me. Romans 12:2 has been at cent of my relationship with Jesus, by transforming my thoughts, every aspect of my life has changed. Romans 12:2 said: "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will". Most people have been practicing their assimilation into society all their life, from childhood through their teenage years right into adulthood. I did not receive any of this guidance growing up. And  I struggled with the Moral and Doctrinal issues; Moral meaning I did not know how I ought to behave and Doctrinal I was unsure what I believed. I end up going through life believing things about myself that where not true and I operate out of this false sense of myself. As a conquest I began to live being motivated by fear and insecurity.  I was very careful, to watch how I percent myself, to make sure I was accepted and not rejected. I end up misleading people into believing thing about me, that were not true. I adopted this behavior because it was what I taught and the lie became the person I project. When where all using one another and manipulating one another, trying to impress each others, then the question becomes where is the real You? Jesus began to speak truth from the bible, right into the face of the lies. You might not feel like you our a lavishly loved person, but life is not based of emotions. Your not just some kind of cosmological accident, you fit in in Jesus plans. You don’t need to put your love in someone or something else. You our a person of great worth and potential and You our a work in progress.